Real Estate Broker Gives 25% in Commission Charitable Donation Program

Accattato & Company Real Estate is a boutique real estate agency with a philanthropic business model. 25% of our gross commissions earned on each house sale is donated to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit or faith based organization of the clients choice.

It works like this…If you buy/sell a home for $400,000. The commission is 6%. Accattato & Company Real Estate and the other real estate agent who worked with the buyer split a commission of $24,000 total or $12,000 each. Accattato & Company Real Estate deducts $3000 to give to the charity of her clients choice at closing on her clients behalf.

Our primary motivation at this time in our lives is to give back to our community. As more homes are sold, more charities are represented. We are the real estate company that, “Gives Where We Live”. 

Our business goal is to build a culture of like-minded individuals who are honest, caring, competent, and compassionate. Join the movement as we change the landscape of the real estate industry one home sale at a time. 

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