Primary Reasons Your Vacant House in The Greater Tampa Bay Area, Florida Isn’t Selling

Its Condition!

Did you know that up to 78% of all expired listings are vacant? They are often left abandoned and uncared for, leading to a myriad of problems. Not taking advantage go your vacant property as a valuable asset would be like leaving your retirement plan on the sidewalk for anyone to take.

The number one reason your vacant home isn’t selling in this insanely great real estate economy is THE CONDITION OF THE HOME. 

1. FIX IT – Accattato & Company Real Estate will hire a home inspector before listing your property for sale to identify any known issues and get them repaired. This is the best way to avoid unexpected surprises once you are under contract. We guarantee you will net the mot on your home sale by addressing all the issues before we find the right buyer.

2. UPGARDE IT – Accattato & Company Real Estate will evaluate whether or not your home needs subtle updating to solicit the highest and best offer and which upgrades will will have the greatest impact.

3. MAKE IT SHINE – Proper home staging begins with getting your property professionally cleaned and free of odd smelling odors. Accattato & Company Real Estate will hire professional cleaners to deep clean every room.

4. MAKE IT LOOK NEW AGAIN – The goal here is to take all the ‘wear and tear’ out of the home. This involves painting, touch up paint, shampooing the carpets, changing the filters, adding fresh mulch, flowers, and pressure washing patios, and trimming bushes. Accattato & Company Real Estate will hire the proper people to get the job done!

5. YOUR PHOTOS SUCK – First impressions matter! Over 93% of home buyers are using the internet to search for their home. Bad lighting, poor quality, and bad angles turn off the potential buyer in an instant. Accattato & Company Real Estate hires a professional photographer for every listing. The way your property is viewed online is a direct reflection of our business.

6. DRESS TO IMPRESS – The outside is just as important as the inside. As buyers pull up to your newly listed home, they want to see curb appeal – a swept porch, yard mowed, washed windows, a clean pool and a professional real estate sign in the yard. Accattato & Company Real Estate will visit your vacant property weekly.

A few more items buyers are seeing as they walk through your vacant property:

  • Burnt out light bulbs
  • Dead bugs from window sills & floors
  • Flyers/newspapers/mail at doorway
  • Dead flowers
  • Realtor cards from previous showings
  • Water smells; toilets not flushed for weeks and water not run
  • Thermostat not adjusted according to weather changes 

Tiffany Accattato is the Broker/Owner of Accattato & Company Real Estate with over 13 years specializing in listing and selling vacant homes, she has the solutions to properly list and maintain your property while we have it listed to sell. We will ensure your vacant home is well maintained for your potential buyers passing through.

Contact Tiffany today to talk to you about your vacant property and having a pressure-free conversation about your possibilities with listing with us.

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